Incredibly Interesting First Date Ideas

First date is always special and people make extra efforts for make it more special. Doing something untraditional on the first date can make or break your relationship.  It can be risky and terrible. However, taking a bold step on your first date can actually make unforgettable memories for you and your partner.  If you are an adventurous person and want to thrill your potential partner on your first date, following are some suggestions you should have a look at.  If the risk goes well, it can lead to a beautiful future.

Play Paintball

Getting into a simulated war game on your first date may not be seen great but admittedly, paintball is a fun game and intense game that connects people. This game actually gives you a good indication if the other person can work with you and attain a common goal. Also, this game provides a small whiff of danger that according to movies is a love drug. If your potential partner is isn’t adventurous and comfortable running through the woods with pressured weapon than avoid surprising him/her with such things. Also, you should be on the same team because being in two different teams may separate you both instead of making a connection.



Originality is always appreciated and liked. What’s better way to demonstrate your authenticity than careening towards ground from a considerable height? However, skydiving is one thrilling activity that will make your fist date memorable without any doubts.


Meeting with Parents

Accept it or not, having your first date meet your parents is as terrifying as jumping out of the plane. However, accept the fact that if your relationship is going to work out, you will have to do it anyway. Right? Introducing your date to your mom and dad will show how family oriented person you are and how serious can you be with him/her. The great thing is that it will show that you are not a fling. It is a risky move, but if your date is comfortable and ready for this, this step could lead to a lasting relationship.


Local Government Meetings

Local Government meetings are too dry, long, and boring. However, meetings like these can create a strong bond between you and your partner especially when you are passionate about your community.  A town council meeting may sound unromantic; you can always go out for drinks after the meeting to discuss hot-button issues of your community.

River Rafting

If by any chance you sense your partner is adventurous, consider taking her out for kayaking or river rafting. Skydiving is an adventurous sport, but river rafting isn’t any less. It is a scary water sport but the water and exercise are some activities that produce releases hormones that can help strengthen couple’s bond while reigniting excitement and passion. Don’t think and hit the water with your first date.


Sleep No More

Sleep No More — a NY City based performance rebelling explanation. Frightening and spooky, but immersive experience, an experience that will lead to many future dates fueled with guaranteed conversation. However, if your partner is not a person who enjoys walking around a creepy hotel, then you should simply stick to drink and dinner date.


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